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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786054535835
Arabic Teaching Guide for Teaching Arabic to Foreigners, prepared by the Arabic Teachers Academy, which serves within the Akdem istanbul Language Education Institutions. It is a study prepared as a guide to Arabic teachers and readers about how Arabic lessons and practices should be done. You ca..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786052385852
Prepared for those who want to learn Turkish, Turkish Practice for All aims togive the learner the necessary communication skills they will need in daily lifeinstead of grammar rules. Words, phrases, sentences and dialogues about manyareas of life such as meeting, asking address, shopping, food, edu..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786054535224
This book is intended for Arab guests who came to Turkey for tourism,and who live here for a certain period of time; As the various topics arearranged so that the book is divided into consecutive units dealing withthe guest's journey starting from entering Turkey, staying in a hotel orhome, then tou..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786054535897
Around 160 texts for foreign students learning TurkishDictionary meanings of new words in each text at the bottom of the pageVarious exercises and practices to understand the textAt the end of the book, A “Glossary" containing all the words mentionedin the texts”Visuals about each text...
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786054535866
In Turkish, there are regular nouns, adjectives and adverbs, as well as nouns, adjectivesand adverbs made by adding some affixes to verbs. The difference ofthese from normal species is that their roots are “verb”. Therefore, they have theirown names: noun-verb, adjective-verb, adverb-verb we call th..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786052385265
This study, in which basic religious knowledge is written for Arabic-Turkish students, has an easy and understandable language. In the book, first the principles of faith is discussed and then the issue of worship is introduced. The piece is prepared as a textbook and is divided into units and c..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786056194504
It is a book that has been created by compiling Arabic education postersin a book size so that they can be carried easily.In addition to a total of 108 posters divided into 4 groups which are mostneeded, a dictionary consisting of the words mentioned in the postershas been added to the end of this b..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786052385203
A special work in Turkish Language Teaching compiled from differenttextbooks11 thousand vocabularyRather than simply narrating with a lean word, a resource enriched withlexical groups, short speech patterns, phrases, and attached phrasesIt is designed for Arabs who want to learn Turkish and those wh..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786054535354
Forty instructive stories in this book consist of the famous Arab folk stories.These stories have been compiled in their present form and somesimplification has been made on them to appeal to middle-level students.The book has been prepared to support reading, one of the four basiclanguage skills, i..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786054535255
A comprehensive set of audiovisual and visual qualities is developedto help beginners of Arabic language become familiar with daily conceptsand dialogues, as well as to improve their language knowledge.With this set, students will be able to develop their Arabic skills withoutboredom and reinforce t..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786054535743
The book, which consists of 10 world famous stories from the East and West,which you can read and practice without getting bored, offers the opportunityof measuring and evaluating the stories with special exercises.The meaning of the unknown words in the stories is explained in Arabic andit is aimed..
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