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Grammar Education

Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786052385142
In this book, word classes, word derivations and words that gained newmeaning with phrases, which are the basic subjects of the grammarof a language, are emphasized. If a student reaches enough level withthese, it means that he acquired an important knowledge of Arabic.The book, actively, helps you ..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786052385401
Palestinian Arabic tutor, İhsan Atiyye Hammad wrote this book withthe help of his twenty years of experience in teaching Arabic. This bookdifferentiates itself from other books by including plenty of exercises,examples and text practices.The book, with its outstanding exercise types, has the feature..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786054535545
This book is a collection of two books based on the common experiencesof Arabic teachers in grammar lessons in Akdemistanbul Language Center.The first book addresses the A1 - A2 (beginning) level, while the second bookmeets the B1 - B2 (middle) level.The language learning process has been taken into..
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ISBN: 9786057753045
Rhetoric has been given importance for centuries as it has been seen as aconducing toward Qur’an’s being understood. Many works have been writtenout and Arabic’s virtue of language and literature has been shown.And this book is written to teach those, whose native tongue is not Arabic,Rhetoric scien..
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Brand: Akdem Publishing ISBN: 9786052385111
This book, prepared by Zeynep Say and Nura Yamaç based on lecturenotes of spelling class in AkdemIstanbul Education of Language, is acommon product of institution’s experience.The book is suitable for A1 – A2 level, in Arabic and thinking that student’slanguage skills might not be sufficient enough ..
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