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Domino Fruits

Domino Fruits
Domino Fruits
Domino Fruits
Domino Fruits
Domino Fruits

Two games that aim to teach the names of the fruits and animals in Arabic by linking the name of them with their images without using a second language. It is suitable for Arabic language students at the starter and beginner levels. The games is for 2-6 players. These game... • Teaches the name of the fruits and animals for students in an enjoyable way. • Makes students love Arabic and increases their motivation to learn Arabic. • Makes them taste the joy of learning by playing. • Makes them compete with each other to encourage their ambitions to win. • Makes them get used to the target language without using an intermediary

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  • Author Name: Belal Soliman , Belal Soliman ,
  • Total Pages: 28
  • Book Language: Arabic
  • Model: 9786057753151
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  • Dimensions: 8.50 x 7.50 x 5.50
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