Alışveriş Sepetim

About the Company

Founded in 2010 as part of Turkey's largest Arabic and Turkish Language Education Institute  AkdemIstanbul, Akdem Publications is an institution that specializes in thematic publishing on teaching Arabic and Turkish around the world. With Akdemistanbul aiming to increase the quality of Arabic language centered publishing throughout the world and to teach Arabic in accordance with modern education methods, Akdem Publishing is among the most distinguished publishing houses in the field of Arabic education.

Akdem Publications, which is a first in its field with a wide range of experienced writers in teaching Arabic to foreigners, editors and design teams in many countries of the world, continues to grow day by day with more than 200 Arabic Language Teaching publications.

Along with all formal education institutions around the world in the private and public fields, ranging from primary schools to universities where Arabic is taught, Akdem Publications meet its readers at Language Education Centers, non-formal education institutions such as foundations that teach Arabic, associations and Quran Courses, with its materials and auxiliary resources.

Apart from the basic textbook and auxiliary resources, Akdem publications, which also carry out the Arabic Model Language Education Library project, which has been selected according to different age groups for educational institutions that teach Arabic, thus compiles the auxiliary resources of many different publishing houses for you.

Apart from our sales points around the world, our publications, which are also available for sale online, offer special discounts to educational institutions. Akdem publications offer their partners the advantages of providing services within a language education institution, providing free teacher training and supporting materials for our educational institutions that prefer Akdem publications.