Alışveriş Sepetim

Privacy and Security Policy

• The basic approach of Akdem Publishing is to use the collected member information in accordance with the confidentiality, security, customer demands and needs.

• Only the relevant member can access the information given when becoming a member and only the member can change this information.

• The member must introduce himself correctly to our systems in order to access his information in Akdem Publishing internet environments. The responsibility here lies entirely with the member.

• If you do not want to receive informative e-mails from Akdem Publishing, it is sufficient to send an empty e-mail to

• Members can leave membership at any time.

• Your personal information (name, surname, member name, e-mail address, postal address, credit card information, purchases, etc.) is never shared with other people and organizations.

• Member information is confidential within the security conditions provided within Akdem Yayınları and the access of Akdem Yayınları employees and officers to such customer information is regulated within the framework of Akdem Publishing Security Policies. Member information cannot be shared with any person or institution, except for legal obligations.

• In the services received from outside, the contracts signed with the service providers contain a substance belonging to the confidentiality of the customer information and the organizations and their employees are requested to comply with the confidentiality and confidentiality rules arranged within the framework of Akdem Publishing Security Policies.

• Akdem Publishing uses the SET system in the section where both SSL and credit card information are approved. Your credit card, which you use when purchasing from, is under the guarantee of the Bank's Payment Systems and Akdem Publishing or third parties cannot see your credit card information.

• The information including all kinds of requests, suggestions and questions that Akdem Publishing members and visitors submit to us about the site is stored in order to measure the performance of the site. This information cannot be used for any purpose other than to respond to them.

• All rights of the content published in Akdem Publishing are reserved. No text or graphics on the site can be used without permission by third parties, and content material or functionality cannot be published without permission in other media.