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Tekellem 1

Tekellem 1
Tekellem 1
Tekellem 1
Tekellem 1
Tekellem 1
Tekellem 1
Tekellem 1
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Tekellem, is set of books which is prepared by Mahmut Süleyman, who

reached his majority of teaching Arabic those whose native tongue is not

Arabic, with his experience of teaching Arabic for fifteen years.

The book set that specifically can be useful for both Religious Studies and

Arabic Language and Literature student is designed to be three volumes

in total. This set, which is prepared with a modern style, carries the advantages

of its author’s many years in Turkey, doing the business of teaching

Arabic to Turkish people, and knowledge about Turkish sentence structure

and Turkish thinking way experience.

Book’s features like including Arabic culture, social and psychological issues,

fun images and cartoons is one different and fun side of it.

Tekelleme Set, which is actually aiming to speaking education along with

grammar subjects when needed, has audio files, too.

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