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Arabic for Business and Industry

Arabic for Business and Industry
Arabic for Business and Industry
  • ISBN: 9786257622707
  • Weight: 375.00g
  • Dimensions: 17.004000 x 24.004000 x 0.004000
  • ISBN: 9786257622707
  • Book Language: Arabic
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The idea for the book began when I was teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. I observed traders and industrialists coming from all over to learn Arabic and acquire it. I noticed that many centers did not serve the primary goal of those traders and industrialists. They would teach them Arabic but not for the purpose they came for. They would immerse them in grammar rules or texts that did not focus on the vocabulary and phrases needed by those traders and industrialists in business and industry. So, I made my book concise for those curricula and series, so that the trader and industrialist would be surrounded by everything they need to achieve their desired goal.

The main goal was for the student to master the skills of reading comprehension and listening, and then speaking in general. The lessons included some basic, well-known ready-made expressions and templates, which make it easier for the student to speak and be exposed to most of the vocabulary used in commercial and industrial transactions

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