Alışveriş Sepetim

Educational Methods

"The book containing the proceedings of the international symposium on 'Forms of Language and Literary Discourse,' organized by the University of Moulay Slimane in Morocco, offers a contribution to the fields of Arabic literature and Arabic language teaching. The work discusses the possible relation..
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Arabic Teaching Guide for Teaching Arabic to Foreigners, prepared by the Arabic Teachers in the Academy, which serves within the Akdem istanbul Language Education Institutions. It is a study prepared as a guide to Arabic teachers and readers about how Arabic lessons and practices should be done...
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This book is an academic study aimed at addressing the challenges associated with teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Edited by Hany Ismail Ramadan and featuring contributions from 13 academics, the book includes 12 scientific articles that explore Arabic language education at three differe..
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The importance of this book lies in filling a significant gap in the Arabic library regarding the topic of linguistic competence. Most writings revolve around describing levels and listing attributes, while this book delves deeply into the subject, providing information from the roots, some of which..
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Exams are practical and hold a high degree of importance, risk, and value as they significantly impact the lives of examinees. Therefore, they are "important." Challenging their fairness can tarnish the reputation of the educational institution, the team, and the awarded certificate itself, making t..
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One of the issues that hasn't found a suitable place in our research is teaching Arabic as a second language. This is a matter that hasn't received clear attention from those responsible for development planning in Arab countries, and it hasn't been a focus in future language projects. Despite the g..
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This book aims to elucidate the best practices and scientific and practical experiences related to the reality of teaching and learning the Arabic language for Turkish students. It also seeks to keep abreast of the latest developments and creative initiatives in order to make a qualitative leap that..
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