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Measurement and Evaluation Units

Measurement and Evaluation Units
Measurement and Evaluation Units
  • ISBN: 9786057147561
  • ISBN: 9786057147561
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Exams are practical and hold a high degree of importance, risk, and value as they significantly impact the lives of examinees. Therefore, they are "important." Challenging their fairness can tarnish the reputation of the educational institution, the team, and the awarded certificate itself, making them "dangerous." Due to the substantial efforts required for their construction, development, and enhancement, they are considered "valuable." This book addresses a new topic in the Arabic library, namely "Measurement and Evaluation Units in Preparatory Programs for Teaching Arabic to Non-Arabic Speakers." It covers the following aspects:

- Fundamentals of Measurement and Evaluation Units

- Test Production

- Implementation Phase

- Correction and Assessment of Evaluation

- Archiving and Data Preservation

- Unit Development

- International Accreditation

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