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Arabic Lessons 3-4

Arabic Lessons 3-4
Arabic Lessons 3-4
  • ISBN: 9786257622752
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  • ISBN: 9786257622752
  • Total Pages: 302
  • Book Language: Arabic
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This book is characterized by well-organized content, rich vocabulary, precise expression, smooth style, and clear phrasing, taking into consideration students' levels at various stages.

This is the new edition of the Arabic Lessons book (First Series) by the esteemed late Sheikh Mustafa Al-Ghalayini. We present it in a new format for those who aspire to learn and teach Arabic, serving as a valuable resource and assistance. As Sheikh Al-Ghalayini stated, this book covers the rules of morphology and syntax in a simple style suitable for beginner students, tailored to their level of understanding to facilitate learning for both teachers and learners.

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