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Misk 3 (Textbook + Workbook)

Misk 3 (Textbook + Workbook)
Misk 3 (Textbook + Workbook)
  • ISBN: 9786057268594
  • Dimensions: 19.504000 x 27.504000 x 0.004000
  • ISBN: 978-605-72685-9-4
  • Total Pages: 114 + 50
  • Book Language: Arabic
  • Publication Date: 2023-10-01
Ex Tax: $15.00

The desire among Muslims around the world is growing day by day to teach their children the Arabic language, in their quest to help their children understand the Holy Quran. However, this strong desire has not been met with a sufficient presence of effective series for teaching Arabic to non-Arabic-speaking children, especially in the light of modern learning and teaching goals and methods. It is from this standpoint that the "Misk" series came into existence, to be a cornerstone in the field of teaching Arabic to the children of Muslims in various parts of the world, including countries where Arabic is not the native language. This series distinguishes itself from others as the largest series that relies on activities, games, and songs to make learning enjoyable. It fulfills the ultimate goal, which is to help children understand the Holy Quran.

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